April features the paintings of Jane Bowyer

Building on a life-long passion for painting, I work in the Art Department of Mills College with special guidance from Professor Yulia Pinkusevich and Emerita Professor Hung Liu. My abstract paintings explore a wide variety of surfaces, media, and textures, in an attempt to capture traces that communicate life’s meaning. My work is influenced by a number of sources including Paul Rotterdam, Harvey Quaytman, Agnes Martin, and Franz Klein. My recent efforts have been focusing on painting with ink/charcoal/graphite, and acrylic and oil.
My attempts in these efforts might be best communicated by comments of two preeminent individuals who are well acquainted with my work. Mills Professor and internationally acclaimed poet Chana Bloch said “I loved your paintings at the Mills Museum show. I was drawn by  their philosophical depth, their searching quality--the way you used the materials of art to ask hard questions about the meaning of life.” Jeff Kelly, Art Critic, and Curator and Studio Manager for Hung Liu, contrasted two of my paintings from 1960 and 2011, “...the former feels like New York right before Pop Art, the latter conjures up a sense of a languid California space...a lifelong story of a surface exploding as gesture and contracting as order…”.