August Artists of the Month: Cindy Baker, Kath Balamuth, Jules Campbell & Pam Jameson





Habitat III: Seasons is the third in a series of collaborative paintings and was preceded by Habitat: A Collaborative Series from 2015 and Habitat II: Fire & Rain from 2016. Cindy Baker, Kath Balamuth, Jules Campbell and Pam Jameson have continued collaborating in art with this new series of paintings inspired by the same overall theme of Habitat, but focusing on the seasons of the year. These artist- friends joined together to create this small series, portraying images inspired by summer, fall, winter and spring.



Each artist started in January 2017 with a season that was pulled out of a hat and worked on a 30" x 30” panel. After a month the artists met and exchanged panels. This collaboration challenged them to be sensitive to, and respond to, what was already on the panel. At the same time each artist added personal ideas, styles of painting and expressions. Once all four artists had touched a panel, they discussed whether it was finished or whether it required additional work. Some panels were finished quickly, while others needed more time to complete the ideas the panel had come to represent. In addition to the 4 collaborative panels, each artist created one 20" x 30" panel, responding in their own way to the theme.



For the third time, the process of collaboration challenged their problem solving skills, requiring them to go out of individual comfort zones, promoting thoughtful and expressive work. . .and yes, they are still friends! It wasn’t easier the second time, but the third time around there was less friction.