January features the quilts of Freddy Moran

Freddy says: I had been an art major in college and then I stopped doing art to raise a family of five sons. While raising children you put artwork aside. When my youngest started school I started teaching needlepoint. When I took that as far as I could creatively, I started looking for something else to feed me creatively. One of my daughters in law signed us up for a quilt class. I told her I didn't really like thread and she said, "Just get in the car." So I did. 


I'll never forget standing in the quilt shop that day, looking around at all the fabric. My heart started to pound looking at all those colors. I realized that when you raise boys, you don't sew. It must have been 25 years since I was in a fabric store. I think there used to be polyester and double-knit and brown--that's what I thought of when I thought of fabric stores and it killed any ideas of doing anything with fabric. When I walked in there, a whole new world opened up for me.  I was looking for something totally absorbing and exciting that would satisfy that artistic place in my soul that needed it. That's how I started quilting.