Comings & Goings

March 21, 2017
We had a wonderful unexpected visit last Friday from Mohsin Hamid, internationally acclaimed bestselling author of  Exit West. He dropped in to sign copies of his book and spent a while browsing the Orinda Books shelves! If you haven't bought your copy yet we still have signed,first edition copies for sale, you'll find it on our Staff Favorites table. It's a beautifully written story of a couple's migration from an unnamed war-torn city in the Middle East to Greece, England, and finally Marin County here in Northern California.

Big Event

March 14, 2017

I have been bursting to tell everyone about Girl on the Train author Paula Hawkins and our joint event with Rakestraw Books in Danville, but was sworn to secrecy by the  publishers until yesterday! It's a huge deal and we had to convince the people at Penguin Random House that Orinda Books and Rakestraw Books together would do the best job in getting the biggest audience to meet Paula. We've all read Girl on the Train (if not we have copies) or at least seen the movie... and we are so excited to announce her new book coming out in May... and best of all that you can see Paula Hawkins in person, get your copy hot off the press, and have it signed here at Bentley School in Lafayette. Bentley have graciously offered up their wonderful space to accommodate the number of people, and tickets are on sale NOW on Eventbrite. Sign up ASAP as we anticipate tickets will sell out fast!

Writing Class @ O Books

March 7, 2017

Just a short note from me today but lots to absorb in our newsletter! I particularly want to point out the exciting plans for our first Children's Book Festival on Independent Bookstore Day at the end of April. Susan has been working hard to secure visits from no less than five fabulous children's authors and illustrators who will be at the store to read from their books, and join in the fun. We will have refreshments from other Orinda Indies such as Loard's Ice Cream, Republic of Cake, and Genuine Goodness . . . and lots of giveaways, discounts and games. Save the date . . . April 29th.


March 1, 2017

Over the last few days we have been organising and planning so many fabulous author lunches, local author readings and children's events, and our calendars are stuffed to the brim! Make sure you check the column to the left and go to our web page for more information - we are adding to the list constantly!


February 22, 2017

Lunch with Eleanor Burke was fabulous last week. The food was delicious -- thanks to Genuine Goodness and their wonderful selection of salads, fresh breads and cookies -- and we are looking forward to our next with Yiyun Li on March 8th. Don't forget to sign up early as these sell out fast! 

Literary Lunches

February 15, 2017

We have had an incredible response to our event with Eleanor this Friday. While we cannot fit in any more people for lunch we are happy for anyone to come and listen, so long as you don't mind standing - we do have emergency chairs in the back and will try and accomodate as man of you as possible! 

More Rainy Day Reading

February 7, 2017
Everyone is in bed, the rain is absolutely chucking it down outside and making a wonderful noise against the window, Hera dog has just come running in from the kitchen with a huge bulb of garlic in her mouth and plonked it at my feet and Kitty is as usual trying to sit on the keyboard. It feels very cosy!

Everything is Politics

February 1, 2017

"Among the many worlds that man did not receive as a gift from nature but created out of his own mind, the world of books is the greatest...Without the word, without the writing of books, there is no history, there is no concept of humanity." Hermann Hesse
I didn't know quite where to start my letter tonight. Or rather last night... Should I talk about the book I am reading right now, (Ties by Domenico Starnone) or the titles I am excited about that are coming out soon (Edgar and Lucy by Victor Lodato)? Or perhaps the events that we have lined up over the next few months? But having just got back from my trip to England a week ago where everyone wanted to know about Donald Trump and what was going on in the USA, and I at the same time was asking them all about BREXIT and what was going on there, and having just got back from four days in chilly Minneapolis and the annual American Bookseller Association Winter Institute where one of the main topics was the need for more diversity in the bookselling and publishing industries, I realized I had to start with politics! I know this, like religion, is a bit of a taboo subject, but I don't think anyone can ignore what is going on right now. 

Back Home in Orinda

January 24, 2017

Too tired to think of anything to say! We left my brother's in Winchester in freezing temperatures but blue skies at 11AM (3AM PST) yesterday morning and arrived back in Orinda 17 hours later at 8PM last night. I should have slept on the plane but instead ended up reading several newspapers, finishing my book, eating and drinking, and watching movies... it's now 11.45PM and I feel pretty awful!

In England

January 17, 2017

It feels a little strange to be writing this in the dining room at my mum's house at 10.30 in the morning instead of the early hours of the morning back home in Orinda. I have this funny urge to tell you all about the hundreds of noisy dinners this old mahogany table has witnessed over the years but I shall try and save you from that and start by mentioning the wonderful article in the New York Times yesterday by Michiko Kakutani. In it she describes President Obama's reliance on books to ground him, connect him, entertain him, and find solace in, during his years at the White House. I'm sure it was all over the news channels yesterday but just in case you didn't catch it, here is a link to the article. Obama says he wants to widen the audience for good books through his presidential center website. We look forward to his suggestions.