July features "Trailblazers"- An Exhibit by the Bay Area Studio Artists

In their show Trailblazers, at Orinda Books during the month of June, the Bay Area Studio Artists (BASA) celebrate individuals who touched them through their contributions to humanity.


Featured in the show will be a collaborative work honoring the brilliant Robin Williams. BASA artists painted 24 individual 10’ x 10” canvases which combine to create the painting. The result: an image of Robin Williams that captures his luminous, brilliant personality but hints at the struggles within the man himself. The 41 x 61” piece is titled, A Spark In the Dark.


Robin Williams was a trailblazer in his profession. Similarly, BASA artists were inspired by other trailblazers whether they were scientists, political activists, artists, poets – in short, individuals who changed the world because of their courage, talent, or vision. 


The Bay Area Studio Artists is comprised of 8 artists* who work together while each artist follows her own path of creativity, subject matter, style, and medium. Collectively this sisterhood of artists offers support and beneficial critique to strengthen the work of each individual. 


We welcome you to view the exhibit at Orinda Books during the month of June.


*Suzan Almquist, Jeanette Crawford Baird, Lassie Colebourn, Ellen Reintjes, Ruth Stanton, Joanne Taeuffer, Sharon Tama, Marcy Wheeler