May features "Bookish" - the paintings of Cindy Baker, Kath Balamuth, Jules Campbell & Pam Jameson



Bookish is the fifth in a series of collaborative exhibits at Orinda Books and was preceded by Habitat: A Collaborative Series from 2015, Habitat II: Fire & Rain from 2016, Habitat III: Seasons from 2017 and Habitat IV: Fire & Rain from 2019. Cindy Baker, Kath Balamuth, Jules Campbell and Pam Jameson have continued collaborating in art with this new series of paintings inspired by books. These artist-friends joined together to create this small series inspired by the venue, Orinda Books.


The artists, all residents of Contra Costa County, met at DVC art classes where they had become involved in a critique group and became friends. Cindy’s interests concentrate on collage, printmaking and origami, Kath has a BA in Design and spent many years as a graphic designer and owner of Artability in Orinda, Jules, from Wales, is a member of Gear Box Gallery in Oakland who works in mixed media, with a background in drama and music and Pam, with a BA in Art is a painter. Taking each artist’s unique voice and making it work with the others has created art unlike anything each one would produce alone.



Each artist started a 24X24” panel using the concept of books. They met on an erratic schedule, due to Covid, and passed on each panel to the next artist. This collaboration challenged them to be sensitive to, and respond to, what was already on the panel. At the same time each artist added personal ideas, styles of painting and expressions. Once all four artists had touched a panel, they discussed whether it was finished or whether it required additional work.   Some panels were finished quickly, while others needed more time to complete the ideas the panel had come to represent. 

In addition to the 4 collaborative panels, each artist created one 24X24” panel, responding in their own way to the theme.