May features the paintings of Dee Tivenan and Valerie Corvin

Dee Tivenan is an abstract expressionist artist. She creates meaning from bold colors, lines, and shapes. Her mixed media approach often uses acrylics, inks, graphite, yupo paper, and collage as a form of personal expression. Dee is an Associate Member of Manhatten Arts International, a member of Valley Art Gallery, and Artful Galleries. She also is part of Jen Tough’s Artist Alliance and writes a blog called "Head Talk" to support other artists.


Valerie Corvin is an American contemporary abstract painter working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her works are distinct and elegant and are inspired by both natural forms and shapes, and memories and feelings.  She believes that nature provides the greatest inspiration and works to recreate the feelings of joy, awe, and beauty one finds in nature.  A self-proclaimed colorist, Valerie’s sense of and love of color carries an emotional impact and helps her communicate her deeper feelings in her works.