October features the paintings of Bay Area Studio Artists (BASA)

In their current exhibit at Orinda Books, the artists contemplate what they call “The Herd Instinct.” It’s that urge to gather with others of your own kind – whether it’s a migrating pod of whales, cows grazing in the pasture or jellyfish just floating through life. It just feels so natural to be together. The paintings explore beings hanging out with their herds…or getting a little canine organizational help to “form up.” The artists have included everything from a peep of chickens to a mob of sheep to a loveliness of ladybugs. And they have even noticed that inanimate objects seem to have a herd instinct so they have included an array of apples.


The artists represented in the show are:

Suzun Almquist 

Jeanette Baird

Lassie Colebourn 

Ellen Reintjes

Ruth Stanton

Joanne Taeuffer

Sharon Tama

Marcy Wheeler

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