September and October feature painter Susanna Griswold and woodturner Steve Griswold

Ever since I saw the frescoes by Giotto in the Church of Santa Croce in Florence when I was sixteen, I understood that art at its best could be immensely powerful, spiritual and beautiful all at the same time.Though I am a long way from reaching the heights of artists such as Giotto who inspired me in my youth, in the past years I have attempted to express in my own way some of the beauty and meaning I saw back then in Florence.

~ Susanna Griswold


For me, wood has always been a source of wonder. Within the ordinary trees we walk by every day, there are miracles waiting to be discovered, and through turning wood on a lathe I try to reveal those miracles. This means selecting promising sections from trees that have been felled and then trying to find the ideal size, shape, orientation, curves, and finish that will do this best. If even one person is brought a moment of wonder by a piece I made, then I will feel it has been a success.

~ Steve Griswold