Earth: Annunaki Song of the Beginning (Paperback)

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Book Three of the Annunaki Song of the Beginning. Just when you think you have your life all planned out time traveling super beings step in and screw everything up... Knowing the unalterable path of their own destruction they came to Earth in the distant past to create a failsafe...a means out of their future prison and the key is a tall, green eyed, red head named Rowan Ross. Known in the past as the Annunaki, Rowan's creators are now trapped, unable to move back into the visible universe. Rowan's ability to project herself into the Consciousness will allow her to rescue them from limbo but are they actually the benevolent beings they profess to be or are they are hiding something from her, something very dark? Rowan begins a journey across time and space as she learns who she really is. Discovering herself means letting go of what she thought was true about life, love and most people's perception of reality itself. Space battles, time travel, living space craft, murder, love, betrayal and sex and yes, quite a bit of it alien, are all part of Rowan's journey towards her destiny. While the story is certainly about Rowan's journey it also deals deeply with the concepts of artificial intelligence, collective consciousness, reincarnation, genetic memory, and nanotechnology. Science fiction is often so obsessed with technology that the element of the mind, the spirit, is forgotten. The Eki seeks to join the two in a permanent embrace, for what is our technology but the embodiment of our imagination.

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ISBN: 9781503341777
ISBN-10: 1503341771
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 21st, 2014
Pages: 376
Language: English