The Black Ones Who Founded Humanity and Civilization on Earth, the Moon, and Mars: Black & White Edition (Paperback)

The Black Ones Who Founded Humanity and Civilization on Earth, the Moon, and Mars: Black & White Edition By Rufus O. Jimerson Cover Image
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The purpose of this book, is to acknowledge the accomplishments of people of African descent in the exploration of the cosmos: on- and -off world who founded the first global civilizations and basis of the largest modern religions. It starts with cultural and genetic intervention by "Sky People" from Orion upon indigenous homo erectus of Africa. It looks at diversity in the portrayal of extraterrestrials that seeded our descendants. In doing so, the book examines the reaction and fear of white genocide that this portrayal engenders among the world's minority who have monopolized most of the wealth and power among all humans on the planet today. The book describes the present tension between a minority holding 80 percent of the wealth and a non-white majority forced to migrate to survive political chaos imposed by the West and climate change imposed by polluters exploiting the environment in pursuit of untold riches. The search for answers raised by revelations amassed from research examined begins with 200,000-year old advanced civilizations in Africa prior to the last Ice Age. A Star Wars with nuclear weapons allegedly altered the climate and led to that natural calamity. The "Tower of Babel" experience is perused in examining the setting prior to the last Ice Age and advanced civilizations that influenced the Ancients of Africa's Global Hegemony out of pharaonic Egypt or Kemet. The book also looks at how Africa's legacy, land, people, and religion was rebranded by Western invaders as their own. The roots of modern Christianity is closely examined. The founders of the bible, prophets, the messiah, disciples, saints, and early church leaders are uncovered as African people similar in appearance to African-Americans and Sub-Saharan Africans today. They are the most direct descendants of the off-world founders of humanity allegedly watching us today and guiding our evolution primarily through the DNA they seeded.

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