Infuriated (Paperback)

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For a thirteen-year-old Irish slave named Callum McCarthy, Colonial America is a land of never-ending cruelty. Emotional and eye-opening, JR Thompson's Infuriated plunges deep into hidden atrocities from the seventeenth-century including everything from racism to horrific physical abuse.

Continuing where Brutalized left off, Callum learns that the Gillcrest plantation was far more pleasant than he had realized. Master Levi Stone and his mulatto overseers take great delight in harassing and beating up white slaves, but that's not what bothers the lad. It's his suspicion that Master Levi Stone might be hiding his true identity. Seeking the truth could prove not only dangerous but painful.

Suspense, horror, anguish, and malicious sadism permeate Infuriated as Thompson shares realities of white slavery from Ireland to the English Colonies. Callum's strength and determination has the power to shake things up at the Stone plantation, but that will only happen if Master Levi Stone and the mulattos fail in their efforts to break his will.

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ISBN: 9781733767378
ISBN-10: 1733767371
Publisher: Jr Thompson
Publication Date: October 17th, 2022
Pages: 212
Language: English