Good Boy Better Drugs (Paperback)

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By Manzo
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Growing up in Harlem's crack era is hard for most people, but with a drug kingpin father bringing home bags of cash, life seems good--until it isn't.

Manzo tastes cocaine when he's just eight years old, and there's always plenty of fast money in his deep, little pockets. But If he ever runs out, there's $500,000 in a briefcase, hidden in the closet. Parents may not notice their children watching, but kids see everything.

His mother, Karen Pe a, fights to protect her son from absorbing his dad's character flaws and bad habits. But the woman with all the love, is no match for the man with all the money. Manzo adores his Mommy, but he worships his Daddy--Carlos "Los" Pe a.

Manzo becomes an All-American youth basketball player and a junior high school drama major. He is offered a full academic scholarship to Woodberry Forest School, an elite preparatory school in Virginia. Conflicted, Manzo doesn't want to leave his beloved family and his Riverside Church Hawks basketball coach--ERNIE LORCH. From a firsthand experience, rumors come to light about his alleged pedophile coach--and Manzo leaves to attend Woodberry.

With high aspirations, he gets the best education and makes friends with amazing kids from all over the world--before receiving a football scholarship from coaching legend, FRANK BEAMER, and Virginia Tech.

He's focused and ready for success, but his promising future is derailed by the battle between his inner child and his growing self. Manzo tries to make the right decisions, but the demons he encounters growing up are back--and they have some unfinished business...

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ISBN: 9781734135428
ISBN-10: 1734135425
Publisher: Manzoland LLC
Publication Date: January 21st, 2020
Pages: 608
Language: English