The Race Isn't Given to the Swift...Built for It! (Paperback)

The Race Isn't Given to the Swift...Built for It! By Rolita Brownlee Cover Image
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Society teaches us the sum total of our efforts should equate to a win a medal or a ribbon]. However, we must train ourselves to believe that in winning there are also sacrifices. This is the essence of true winning not on an athletic field or arena, but in life]. Therefore, we must ask ourselves, are we willing to sacrifice time, strength, mental/physical energy, and resources to achieve the outcomes we desire? Nevertheless, we must know that preparation is key for winning the battles others may never read in a magazine, book or see on social media or TV. These are the battles that we survive by a strength that's not our own, but God's. When we finally conquer the thing that's been conquering us, we know, without a doubt, that the race isn't given to the swift, because we're built for it.

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ISBN: 9781737531036
ISBN-10: 1737531038
Publisher: Rolita Brownlee
Publication Date: December 8th, 2021
Pages: 66
Language: English