Evolution Tested: EVOLUTION & EMPIRICISM Viewed through ENGINEERING STANDARDS (Paperback)

Evolution Tested: EVOLUTION & EMPIRICISM Viewed through ENGINEERING STANDARDS By Cs Stephens Cover Image
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Possibly, Charles Darwin and Evolution are in the top scientific names known to everyone who ever attended school in the past century, as famous as Einstein, Isaac Newton or Francis Bacon. But Darwin is the only one who has both an official day of the year dedicated to him, and has won a federal lawsuit declaring evolution to be the official and sole creation theory taught in schools. Evolution is considered such a mighty concept that it is said to be the Unifying Principle for all of biology.

Many careers are devoted to, and depend on, evolution. Many hundreds, if not thousands, of books have been written about evolution. The truth value of the evolution concept is not merely presupposed, it is constantly asserted. And the asseverated inferiority of anyone not fully embracing the proclaimed axiomatic nature of evolution is the emotional coercion to embrace, without question, its validity.

If someone might dive deep into the principles and premises of this unification principle, what would rise to the top, especially when compared to the scientific principles of Bacon, Locke, Hume, Popper, Einstein and Feynman? These are the universally accepted principles of Empiricism, which is purposefully designed to eliminate subjective opinion, religious dogma, appeals to authority, fiction/fantasy, and ideology from the pursuit of objective knowledge of the material universe. If objective knowledge is the goal, then empiricism is the answer - the only answer, because objective knowledge can be falsified; subjective knowledge cannot.

What empirical, objective knowledge exists which is undoubtedly and incorrigibly valid in its support for evolution, or any of the sub-principles used to scaffold evolutionary claims? Do we find such, or do we find fictions created surrounding fossil finds, those which ironically do not themselves support the claims made surrounding evolution?

Only by critical analysis of each individual evolutionary premise and assertion by comparison to the Bacon-Locke-Popper-Feynman principles, and comparison to logical conclusions under the Aristotelian hypothetico-deductive procedures, can the validity of any and all claims made under the aegis of evolution be assessed.

That's what happens here.

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