Dark Things (Paperback)

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Somewhere on Prithvi, a mortal survives a supernatural attack. In the dark realm of Atala, an evil goddess prepares to do the Unspeakable. And a Yakshi finds herself at the heart of an other-worldly storm. Ardra has only known life as a Yakshi, designed to seduce and kill men after drawing out their deepest, darkest secrets for her evil mistress Hera, queen of the forsaken realm of Atala. Then, on one strange blood moon night, her chosen victim, Dwai, survives, and her world spins out of control. Now Ardra must escape the wrath of Hera, who is plotting to throw the universe into chaos. To stop her, Ardra needs to find answers to questions she hasn't dared to ask before. What power does the blood moon hold? Is the sky city of Aakasha as much a myth as its inhabitants - the ethereal and seductive Gandharvas and Apsaras? Who is Dara, the mysterious monster-slayer, and what makes Dwai impervious to her powers? A heady concoction of fantasy and romance, Dark Things conjures up a unique world wrought of love and sacrifice, of shadows and secrets, of evil and those who battle it.

About the Author

Sukanya Venkatraghavan is an Indian writer and winner of the DNA Hachette Bestseller Hunt (2014). Her first brush with fantasy was as a film journalist, covering the glamourous yet daunting world of Bollywood with publications like Filmfare and Marie Claire.

Currently based in Mumbai, Sukanya lives with her husband and a large congregation of cat and owl figurines collected from all over the world. Dark Thingsis her first book.

Product Details
ISBN: 9789350099223
ISBN-10: 9350099225
Publisher: Hachette India
Publication Date: January 1st, 2050
Pages: 328