Descend (Paperback)

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When a mysterious black envelope arrives during freshman orientation-one inviting Kyleigh Roberts to the school's prestigious secret society-she immediately feels an unexplainable pull to pledge.

What Kyleigh doesn't realize is that getting closer to the answers she's been searching for will force her further from everything she's ever known.

She plummets into a dark realm full of magic and twisted creatures that once only lived in her bedtime fairy tales. Grappling with explosive powers that begin to emerge, Kyleigh stumbles into a stranger-a woman with glowing eyes who claims she can help.

Since Aislin discovered her gift, she's been nothing more than a weapon-one wielded by criminals. The idea of freedom has always been just that, an idea. A luxury for those who don't possess her talent for delivering a swift and merciful death. But for the first time, she's given a shot at the freedom she's craved for years.

The catch? She must use her gifts one final time to carry out a mission fueled by revenge against the man least deserving of her mercy.

When Kyleigh and Aislin's stories become entangled, the two women from worlds apart must find a way to join forces against a vengeful king or risk remaining pawns in a deadly game played by those in power.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798986207919
Publisher: L.R. Friedman
Publication Date: August 23rd, 2022
Pages: 300
Language: English