Poul Anderson's Orinda and James Cameron's "Avatar"--a Sci-Fi Life and Legacy

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 - 3:00pm

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276 Village Square
94563-2504 Orinda

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Sean Nye will discuss the work of Orinda’s most renowned author, Poul Anderson (1923-2001) and his probable influences on the highest grossing Hollywood blockbuster of all times, Avatar. The impressive evidence regarding the possibility of Avatar’s origins in Orinda will be presented as a part of a general introduction to Anderson’s extraordinary life and legacy.
In 2009, James Cameron’s Avatar was celebrated as a s science fiction masterpiece and landmark of 3D cinema. Cameron, who wrote and directed the film, presented Avatar as a story new to science fiction and film history. Yet on science fiction blogs a discussion broke out regarding the distinct possibility that Poul Anderson’s writing, especially his novella “Call Me Joe,” a classic of the Golden Age of science fiction, was a major, if not central, influence on James Cameron’s film.
Spanning six decades, Anderson’s career left a defining mark on the history of science fiction. He won numerous awards; including 7 Hugos and 3 Nebulas. He lived in Orinda for most of his life and was a regular customer at Orinda Books. Join the discussion—explore the amazing career of Orinda’s icon of science fiction, Poul Anderson
Sean Nye is a PhD student and research fellow in the Department of Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of Minnesota. He has published articles on science fiction, technology, and popular music history. Like Poul Anderson, Nye has lived in Orinda, Minnesota, and Denmark. He grew up in Orinda, and his mother, Ann-O’Connell-Nye, started The Orinda News in 1986.